Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Bring the heat! Botkier up for grabs!!!

Clean out your closets! Its time. Trade out the hot items you onced loved for new wares. WARNING:
You have to bring a minimum of 12 items.
You will not be able to buy your way into the swap.
Gotta bring the goods!
Join us for wine and treats Sunday, April 19th!!!

Object of my Affection: Botkier

I have loved this brand since I worked at Barneys. I use to dream of the possibility of owning on of these bags. If you know what I know, you will not want to miss an opportunity to bid on this bag during our upcoming clothing swap. Bring the heat! The hotter your items, the better your chances of taking home this pretty piece of chocolate. ($695)

Lets make spring dresses!

What are you wearing this spring?
Take our class and have the opportunity to make your own dresses this summer! All materials included. Register today!

collecther private label

This spring a-line dress with the little belt is perfect for a spring/summer dress up (with heels) dress down (with flip flops) look. This style looks great on everyone. A-line is the key creating the perfect hour glass shape for any lady. This style will be created in several different colors so pick your pallete! ($62)

designer piece: YSL two piece set

This is one of the most beautiful pieces I have ever found. This silk floral two piece is amazing. Doing my homework led me to discover that this is a YSL piece from the 1970's. ($150.)

customer corner

I have never seen a double breasted trench, so coming across this piece was bananas. Nikki looks crazy in this piece. ($54)
Nikki goes glam in this satin halter with the beaded waist. ($42)
Victoria gives new meaning to pink lady. This Pink wool a-line coat ($45), Pink clutch ($18) and Pink gloves ($7) would be perfect for some classy older AKA sorror....
Izetta looks super cute in this powder blue jumpsuit. Thelma from good times would be proud. ($42 sold)
Omena looks great in the ultimate style clash. 40's mink pill box hat ($35) with matching mink capelet ($85) is great with her larger than life continent earrings...
Omena gets a little help from Freedom with this cropped open blazer ($28 sold) over a pastel plaid tube dress ($35 sold)

Spring Tip of the Week : Fuschia Part Two

Many of you were upset when you saw the fuschia assymetric halter dress worn by Ali on the last posting. You may have to be upset again. This tadashi dress worth $400 went for $60 to collecther patron Frances. Nothing says spring like silk, and this airy to the floor halter is a great look for attending a formal wedding, non black tie dinner, or hosting your own fabulous event. Red carpet ready too. Dont be afraid of color and silk this spring/summer....