Friday, February 20, 2009


DENIM DROP-OFF Sunday is in full effect! bring in your favorite-but-damaged jeans for high-quality repair to worn areas, rips and holes. 
drop them off on Sunday and pick them up the following Sunday. email us at collecthernews at gmail dot com for more information on pricing.

Recessionista Sundays: February 15, 2009

the early birds catch the dresses! these serious collecthers arrived early to make the most of Sunday's Recessionista prices.
and they're OFF! these ladies got down to business right away.
Terri is another veteran collecther who snagged this gorgeous piece early, while sipping her mimosa. the hot pink belt REALLY sets off the pattern.
tahari silk charmeuse dress:
original price $42
recessionista price $25

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Recessionista Sunday Spotlight: Farrah

last Sunday, veteran collecther Farrah arrived at NOON with
the other early birds and left when we closed at 6:00PM!
she came with a mission in mind - get FRESH dresses. 
judging by her bags as she left... mission accomplished! 
check out her CRAZY Recessionista Sunday swag...
upon arrival, she staked her claim and headed 
straight to the fitting room.
lucky for Farrah, at Collecther, there is no limit on
the number of items you can take in with you.
this was Farrah's first piece. she's off to a
great start.
crane peasant dress:
original price $42
recessionista price $25
feeling charitable, Farrah gave 
this dress away to Rita two hours later.
lightening disco dress:
original price $42
recessionista price $25
there's nothing like a cute, easy polyester day dress.
patriot day dress:
original price $42
recessionista price $25
this dress is very spring, very classic floral
and very sexy.
floral accordion dress:
original price $42
recessionista price $25
this is my piece of the week! i didn't know 
who would wear this, but i knew it'd look 
iridescent goddess dress:
original price $42
recessionista price $25
Farrah is having way too much fun. arriving early pays 
off and it shows, scoring once again with this hot little number.
80s floral dress:
original price $42
rcessionista price $25
i live to find pieces as adorable as this.
denim mini dress:
original price $42
recessionista price $25
let this be a lesson to you ladies...

MORE Recessionista Sundays: February 15, 2009

Natalie's here! what a great surprise. i missed her during her last visit.
Philadelphia collecthers and long-time friends Michelle and Rita showed up for a surprise visit.
i looked up and thought it was a joke! these people are my family... they listened to me talk about my dream when we were in a dance company together and now they get to see it. BEST DAY EVER!
enough with the sentimentality, it's time to get down to business.
meet Jordan. he's 8-years-old and new to Brooklyn. he held an impromptu photo shoot and captured the energy of the day. he suggested he be paid and we agreed, considering he's world famous.
thanks again, Jordan!
Rita and Michelle REALLY got down.
photo by Jordan McPhee
MADNESS! at the height of the day, we had a house full of collecthers.
photo by Jordan McPhee
it's Lizzie and Shana! Lizz Fields is an O.G. collecther... back when Collecther was called "my girlfriend's closet." (in my house filled with fabric and vintage, the girls would borrow everything!) if you asked Lizz she loves to correct newbies on the origins on the store.

i <3 collecther: February 14, 2009

Valentines Day is for lovers, including ladies who love vintage! collecther customer Yazarah modeled some great dresses during her visit.
red disco dress:
original price $42
long sleeve black knit dress with hood - fabulous.
original price $42
black knit dress with cap sleeves and embroidery detail
original price $42

Recessionista Sundays: February 7, 2009

it's a busy afternoon at Collecther and several locals and out-of-towners are taking advantage of Recessionista Sundays!
budding fashionista Jessica is in high school but knows exactly what she likes. she loves clutches and belts, and whipped this striped boyfriend blouse into shape with some great accessories. 
striped boyfriend blouse:
original price $26
recessionista price $19

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

while visiting Brooklyn from DC, this new collecther looked up vintage shops and stumbled upon us. check out this slept on secretary's dress she picked up.
secretary's dress:
original price $45
recessionista price $25
plentiful mimosas and recessionista prices brought several new collecthers into the fold. 
fellow collecther Robin is a triple threat - she's a vintage buyer, a prop stylist and a fashion expert... so obvious by her fab accessories.
once a collecther, ALWAYS a collecther! Virginia is an old school collecther who traveled up from DC to get a vintage fix. you can see photos of her in some great pieces on our Myspace page.
this adorable lavender ruffled shirt dress: 
original price $45
recessionista price $25
Alana came in for alterations to an Austrian slip, circa 1920, purchased at a vintage market while on holiday. check out the great details at the neckline.
Joan is my girl! she's another fashion connoisseur who works her magic in the industry. When she visits I am always honored because she knows her stuff... it was a great catch up day... hope you'll join us next Sunday!