Thursday, January 24, 2008

I want to look this good when I'm pregnant! Shaenna looks radiant...(fuscia cowl neck dress $60 collecther private label)

Tams and Bows

The girls look great... If you a style adventurer, dont be afraid to try this combination. Wife Beaters or off the shoulder tops and blouses really work well with this combination

Classic Style Twisted

Krista chose black and blue as her pallete. This cardigan over the cowl neck blouse with dk denim high waisted jeans is a great era clash... Classic and funky are made very functional... This evening clutch works with the mix quite well.

Spring Tip of the Week

Trenches are super important this spring
a-line trenches.... There is something to be said about the sexy newscaster look... or
the Parisian
Black Panther look
Kristy is rockin!

Showdown at Collecther

kristy and victoria. all I know is Victoria was chillin for about 2hrs not even lookin at clothes. Now. Kristy walked in looking clearly upset, and Victoria decides it's time to shop..... me and George just decided to stay out of it....