Tuesday, January 27, 2009

collecther Made to Order: Cowl Neck Dress

This popular style that we just can't keep in the store.
So to fill the demand we can get it made to order.
6 colors to choose from: sage/wheat/navy/cranberry/purple/grey
$60 at collecther


In the words of Beyonce: If I were a boy... this would be my steez!!!! He is the only boy who walks in the store and I pull his whole style apart. Men's fashion to me has become so innovative and men are not afraid to take chances in color choice and style. This fool is wearing purple! and wearing it well... We salute you Juicy!
It makes no sense for juicy's kicks to be this hot!!!
Purple patent leather FILA'S!!!

Kami's here in spirit!

Kam's we miss u... (that hussy is in LA all warm and such.) Your lil sister Enovia is holdin down the fort!


This sunday was packed and it was great to see some old and news faces at collecther. Every sunday all dresses are $25 and the entire store is 25% OFF. Also the denim drop off is in full effect!
Crystal stopped by for denim drop off but got stuck shopping at recessionista sundays...
It made no sense that Cecilia's hair and skin matched this coco leather trench to a tee!
(Original Price $60 / recessionista price $45)
A sale just wouldn't be a sale without Victoria.
Persian Lamb cropped jkt.
(Original Price $60/ recessionista price $45)

Kehinde made the trek from Harlem and stocked up. One of her finds was a beautiful cotton floral blouse.

(Original price $26.00/recessionista price $19)

shana gets a lock transplant from Izetta.
original collecther Izetta of closet freak stops by for a day of personal shopping.
Darci does a denim drop off for repair.

Joann is adorable in this classic creme trim dress.

(orignal price $42/ recessionista price $25)

Sooni looks great in this pookie and sabastian cropped jkt.

(original price $32 / recessionista price $24)

Joann scored this hot turquoise jumper!

(original price $42/recessionista price $34)

Sooni scored this juicy couture silk chiffon trim/jersey dress.

(original price $42/recessionista price $25)

Farrah and Helen stopped by for recessionista shopping.
Original collecther Ayana stopped by to catch up. She treated herself to this vintage floral secretary dress. (original price $42/ recessionista price $25)