Wednesday, April 9, 2008

collecther private label

This spring a-line dress with the little belt is perfect for a spring/summer dress up (with heels) dress down (with flip flops) look. This style looks great on everyone. A-line is the key creating the perfect hour glass shape for any lady. This style will be created in several different colors so pick your pallete! ($62)


karina said...
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karina said...

Hi Shayna,

This is Karina from pratt, I stopped by your store a few days ago and got a chance to check out your collection! I am really interested in contributing a little bit of my own style to your store and also getting to know you a little better. I would love to stop by and chat. I can't wait to see your collection in full, so let me know when you plan to start selling! Thanks again!


Karina Sharif