Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Recessionista Sundays: February 1, 2009

This is quickly becoming the most popular day of week! We have been packed. Get here early. We open at noon. In the meantime, check out who stopped by and what they bought!

Farrah is smart. She comes early and scoops up loads of items.

Creme cocktail dress:

original price $42 recessionista price $25

This 70's floral hankerchief dress looks great on Farrah.
original price $42 recessionista price $25
farrah and jen check out their cool finds.

ok so this was farrah's dress. already altered to fit her. Tammy walks in. now because I know Tammy's style, I feel bad because this dress is so TAMMY. Farrah being the sweetie she is lets Tammy try on the dress,and with Farrah's consent, I RE-ALTER the dress for Tammy and this is the result!

original price $42 recessionista price $25

Christa and Arlean stopped by for a little shopping before lunch, which became dinner.
O.C. 's (original collecthers) shop here, too!
If it was warmer I do believe Tammy would have walked out in this dress.

Arlean looks super cute in this capped sleeved 80's cardigan.

(original price $26/ recessionista price $19)

tammy thinks this dress is hot!

It was a day of dresses. Christa in a spaghetti strapped 70's dress which has been shortened for the petit lady. Arlean in a petal pink silk baby doll...

(Original Prices $42/recessionista price $25 each.)

Don't hurt them Arlean! This cocoa dress has loads of bells and whistles, pintucks, two toned trim, flutter sleeve...
(Original price $42/recessionista price $25)
Is that Ms. Michi! Always good to see you girl!
Yea! Kristen stopped by for denim drop off and a little shopping...
Kristen and Joi get to the business of inspecting the racks...

Simone Bridges Oliver. One of my FAVORITE COLLECTHERS.

When she comes by our sessions always end with good conversation and dinner... Thanks Bistro Lafayette for catering!

Simone looks great in this multiprint 80's wrap blouse.

(original price $26/ recessionista price $19)

Bisi came by to pick up her alterations and couldn't resist trying on this multi-colored day dress.

(original price $42/ recessionista price $25)

simone is over the winter and ready for summer.

(jumper $24, glasses and belt $15 each)

Simone bought this pretty 50's floral daydress with the hidden pockets...
(original price $42 /recessionista price $25)
So with all the retrowear Simone accumulated, I decided to pull her hair into a soft upsweep to compliment her finds.