Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Okay girls. I know how ya'll do. Do not show up at 12 noon talking about where is the sale... 4PM people... I know there will be some of you arriving at 3:30 to scope and pick out what you want. Hey I can't control that... All I can say is first come. First serve.... Come shop, have a glass of wine, and do what what we do best...have fun....

Customer Corner

Shai has impeccable style. She knows what she likes, comes in and puts it all together. I only see this pretty girl once in a while, mainly because she doesn't trust herself around all these pieces! High compliment girl! Thank you.... ( wool tam $12, victorian blouse $24, wool overall dress $42)
If your gonna look like a package of scotch tape this is the way to do it. I found these two pieces and knew it would take a specail person to pull it off! (Plaid ruffle blouse $24 and matching belt $15)
Kami Jones. Store fixture. She's like Norm from Cheers. Customer Agitator. Will try to convince you that whatever you like will look better on her.... All in good fun! (Netted Double Knit $24)
Aww look at Kristy playing nice with Frances... Now since they are so close in size, Kristy normally is not a sharer at first but she picked this outfit out for Frances and Frances loved it! (striped shift $42 and cream belt $15)

Collecther Private Label: Dress of the Week

Before you get your hopes up. This piece is already sold. Now. I know you are like what are you showing me for then ! Dag! But have no fear this wrap dress will be made all spring and summer long in new colors and fabrics. So build a whole damn wardrobe if you want. I gotchu! (collecther signature wrap $72)

Spring Tip of the Week: Jumpers.

Jumpers are comfortable and sexy. They also say spring/summer. Add a scarf and a pump to tap into sexy Sandy from Grease. Add oversized accessories and make this look your own. For us busty gals a capsleeved v-neck version works well for us... Dont be afraid to show off those legs this summer and enjoy shorter versions of this style....

collecther man!

Yes its true... collecther man will be available this spring... and my male vintage expert has just begun approving some of the amazing pieces I have found.... We will have ties (as you can see) blazers, button downs and host of other great items plus accessories... We will keep you posted....