Monday, June 16, 2008

Spring Tip of the Week: Simply Girly

Please take advantage of the summer, with a super girly,frilly, sexy delicate party dress such as this one. I think I was nursing my inner Carrie when I found this. Demaris hails from London where she and this pretty dress call home. Delicate and Bold colors in this dress style are a complete standout. With the sophistication of NY/LO this look is perfect.

Fedoras are Wack!

This is what happens when you tell all your shoppers that a new shipment of fedoras have arrived. This was not staged. I just needed to take the picture. (Straw fedoras $24)

OG of the Week: Bernadette of Paris/Philly

Ok, I was at the bus stop in Philly heading towards my first spot for key finds, and spotted the flyest pair of sunglasses I have ever seen. I wanted to snatch them off her face. Since its not okay to attack old ladies, I tried to sneak a picture. Came out ok. Finally I just asked her could I take her picture. Name: Bernadette /Location: Philly/ Origin: Paris/ Story: The glasses were purchased 18yrs ago in France/ Synopsis: Classic and stylish at any age!

Just Another Saturday

There is nothing like Saturdays at collecther. We relax, shop, laugh, lunch and play... Stop in and say whats up. Mention the phrase "just another saturday" any day of the week and receive 10% off your purchase. See you soon!