Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Spring Tip of the Week

This spring, please do hot pink heels with yellow... It's just cute. Tuck those blousey blouses into a high waisted skirt and keep it moving.
OC "Original Collecther" Moira bought this coat and scarf in my apartment before I had the store... She believed in my dreams.... It always good to see my original customers stop through....
KORGE. (Stands for Kristy and George..) These two fine people are my favoritist couple/person ever. I can't wait to bring men's clothing into the store... George has offered to work for $7.50 an hour and a generous discount.... Oh the dedication... Baby we know you are worth more than that!
For everyone's information Kristy a member of the top tier collecther club. (SHE KEEPS LIGHTS ON.) She is a patron of fine things and is very sensitive about anyone other than herself shopping at the store...
Watch your back!
Keonis visiting from Oakland CA., walked away with this adorable polka dot blouse $24

Top tier collecther Frances is known to do her share of damage on any given day... She stopped by to catch up and take home these cute stilleto booties... $45

Four brooklynites and a fly girl from Oakland CA stopped by for weekend shopping.... Leather tote $26