Monday, December 8, 2008

Denim Repair Sundays

Bring the holey, ripped sitting off your booty,past your ankles, draggin on the ground jeans in for repair! Every Sunday from 2-6 we will take care of you... Drop it off and pick it up Thursday after 12:00. All services under $15... SAVE YOUR FAVORITE JEANS!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Members Only

Hey girls! We now have a special membership for for our great customers! At $5 bucks a month, you'll receive 20% off all clothing and accessories (not including jewelry) any time you shop at the store!!! A great way to save loads of money on your favorite things. Plus members will only be entitled to sales and new product updates... For more info e-mail us

Clean Out Your Closet!

Everyone has been asking and the clothing swap is back. Just in time for the changing season. For you swapping virgins here's how it works:
1) Bring 12 great items you used to love
2)Receive 100 fake bucks to bid
3) Eat drink bid and swap
$15 entry to participate

Monday, September 8, 2008

Hot Bag Alert!

This handbag was super cute. The suede and leather detail with the metal links was too hard to pass up! It only lasted 2 days its on its way to California with a brand new collecther. Dont worry girls there will be more. ($42)

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Thats Shady. Sunglass style of the Week

Dont beat me up. I've had this style all summer and it has been a hit at the Brooklyn Flea. The gold detail at the edge of the frame make these pop! My favorite shade so far and this amber works well all year round. Frame Available In: Hunter, White, Black, Shown in Amber. ($15)

Fall Pieces: Just a peak .Available now.

Our bric-a-brac textured zip up is cute and vibrant. Over a black dress or with jeans it just works. ( Size 4-8) $24

This is our first private label fall piece. Cropped Kimono Sweater Blouse. Limited Quantities. Once size fits all. Made to order. ($42)

this vintage collarless tapestry coat is the first great fall suprise. It is our find of the week and is tailored very well.. 3/4 length vibrant colors and in amazing condition. (size 4-8) $72


What ya'll know about the Oscar de la Renta high waisted jeans. Kristen happens to be a size 6-8. I had to double take when I found these beauties. Great for tucking into a pair of boots. Just in time for the fall... ($45)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


hey everyone, its been an amazing summer and girls are already begining to call about the fall... we have already begun to stock the store with transitional items as the weather begins to cool off. I'm letting you all know early so no one can say they missed out! see you soon...

Thursday, June 26, 2008


what more can I say... if you take your time washing clothes or catching up with your friends saturday... you might miss it... Just re-upped especially for this... gonna give it to you! now that's nasty.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Spring Tip of the Week: Simply Girly

Please take advantage of the summer, with a super girly,frilly, sexy delicate party dress such as this one. I think I was nursing my inner Carrie when I found this. Demaris hails from London where she and this pretty dress call home. Delicate and Bold colors in this dress style are a complete standout. With the sophistication of NY/LO this look is perfect.

Fedoras are Wack!

This is what happens when you tell all your shoppers that a new shipment of fedoras have arrived. This was not staged. I just needed to take the picture. (Straw fedoras $24)

OG of the Week: Bernadette of Paris/Philly

Ok, I was at the bus stop in Philly heading towards my first spot for key finds, and spotted the flyest pair of sunglasses I have ever seen. I wanted to snatch them off her face. Since its not okay to attack old ladies, I tried to sneak a picture. Came out ok. Finally I just asked her could I take her picture. Name: Bernadette /Location: Philly/ Origin: Paris/ Story: The glasses were purchased 18yrs ago in France/ Synopsis: Classic and stylish at any age!

Just Another Saturday

There is nothing like Saturdays at collecther. We relax, shop, laugh, lunch and play... Stop in and say whats up. Mention the phrase "just another saturday" any day of the week and receive 10% off your purchase. See you soon!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Bring the heat! Botkier up for grabs!!!

Clean out your closets! Its time. Trade out the hot items you onced loved for new wares. WARNING:
You have to bring a minimum of 12 items.
You will not be able to buy your way into the swap.
Gotta bring the goods!
Join us for wine and treats Sunday, April 19th!!!

Object of my Affection: Botkier

I have loved this brand since I worked at Barneys. I use to dream of the possibility of owning on of these bags. If you know what I know, you will not want to miss an opportunity to bid on this bag during our upcoming clothing swap. Bring the heat! The hotter your items, the better your chances of taking home this pretty piece of chocolate. ($695)

Lets make spring dresses!

What are you wearing this spring?
Take our class and have the opportunity to make your own dresses this summer! All materials included. Register today!

collecther private label

This spring a-line dress with the little belt is perfect for a spring/summer dress up (with heels) dress down (with flip flops) look. This style looks great on everyone. A-line is the key creating the perfect hour glass shape for any lady. This style will be created in several different colors so pick your pallete! ($62)

designer piece: YSL two piece set

This is one of the most beautiful pieces I have ever found. This silk floral two piece is amazing. Doing my homework led me to discover that this is a YSL piece from the 1970's. ($150.)

customer corner

I have never seen a double breasted trench, so coming across this piece was bananas. Nikki looks crazy in this piece. ($54)
Nikki goes glam in this satin halter with the beaded waist. ($42)
Victoria gives new meaning to pink lady. This Pink wool a-line coat ($45), Pink clutch ($18) and Pink gloves ($7) would be perfect for some classy older AKA sorror....
Izetta looks super cute in this powder blue jumpsuit. Thelma from good times would be proud. ($42 sold)
Omena looks great in the ultimate style clash. 40's mink pill box hat ($35) with matching mink capelet ($85) is great with her larger than life continent earrings...
Omena gets a little help from Freedom with this cropped open blazer ($28 sold) over a pastel plaid tube dress ($35 sold)

Spring Tip of the Week : Fuschia Part Two

Many of you were upset when you saw the fuschia assymetric halter dress worn by Ali on the last posting. You may have to be upset again. This tadashi dress worth $400 went for $60 to collecther patron Frances. Nothing says spring like silk, and this airy to the floor halter is a great look for attending a formal wedding, non black tie dinner, or hosting your own fabulous event. Red carpet ready too. Dont be afraid of color and silk this spring/summer....

Thursday, March 27, 2008

collectherkids starts

Bring out the collecther in that little one who begs to wear your shoes and play in your make up! Now there's a day just for them. Sundays from 11:30-6:30, collecther kids get to play and you and your friends get to hang out kid free for 2hours! Book your reservation today. 718-484-9101 or email us @

Get Your Boots! Get Your Coats!

what to do with all those sexy, warm stacked heels and wedged winter boots...Not to mention those cozy coats and jackets......I guess damn near give them away... For all of you who won't make it in time.... You'll still receive 30% off all things warm and wintery....

Friday, March 21, 2008

Collecther Private Label:Embroidered Wrap Dress

Jamalia stopped by and was taken by this signature collecther wrap dress with metallic hand embroidered flowers.... will be available this spring. ($72)

Customer Corner

This happy customer stopped by with her friends to check out the store. We paired her black wife beater with this super pretty vintage skirt and beads. (skirt $24 beads $18)
Brit and Bethany walked away with very pretty dresses and accessories...
Anya, Simone and Mamiyaah, stopped in to say hi and get a bit of shopping done.

collecther 40% Off Sale

Our sale brought out my favorite regulars.... Kami tries on a belt that belongs to Robin, while Jamalia ponders a pair of boots...
Meagan, Kami and Frances pause for a picture but head back to shopping soon after...
See this is what happens when you tell your most fashionable vintage junkies that there's a sale. It was a great day and nice to see everyone!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Spring Tip of the Week:The Assymetric dress

This fuchsia dress was my find of the day. This color looks great on everyone, add a little hot pink to your color palette for spring. Assymetrical necklines bring great attention to the neckline and shoulders. Add simple accessories such as gold silver bracelets, earrings and shoes. Do not destroy the neckline with a necklace. A very pretty option for spring. ($54 sold)

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Okay girls. I know how ya'll do. Do not show up at 12 noon talking about where is the sale... 4PM people... I know there will be some of you arriving at 3:30 to scope and pick out what you want. Hey I can't control that... All I can say is first come. First serve.... Come shop, have a glass of wine, and do what what we do best...have fun....

Customer Corner

Shai has impeccable style. She knows what she likes, comes in and puts it all together. I only see this pretty girl once in a while, mainly because she doesn't trust herself around all these pieces! High compliment girl! Thank you.... ( wool tam $12, victorian blouse $24, wool overall dress $42)
If your gonna look like a package of scotch tape this is the way to do it. I found these two pieces and knew it would take a specail person to pull it off! (Plaid ruffle blouse $24 and matching belt $15)
Kami Jones. Store fixture. She's like Norm from Cheers. Customer Agitator. Will try to convince you that whatever you like will look better on her.... All in good fun! (Netted Double Knit $24)
Aww look at Kristy playing nice with Frances... Now since they are so close in size, Kristy normally is not a sharer at first but she picked this outfit out for Frances and Frances loved it! (striped shift $42 and cream belt $15)

Collecther Private Label: Dress of the Week

Before you get your hopes up. This piece is already sold. Now. I know you are like what are you showing me for then ! Dag! But have no fear this wrap dress will be made all spring and summer long in new colors and fabrics. So build a whole damn wardrobe if you want. I gotchu! (collecther signature wrap $72)

Spring Tip of the Week: Jumpers.

Jumpers are comfortable and sexy. They also say spring/summer. Add a scarf and a pump to tap into sexy Sandy from Grease. Add oversized accessories and make this look your own. For us busty gals a capsleeved v-neck version works well for us... Dont be afraid to show off those legs this summer and enjoy shorter versions of this style....

collecther man!

Yes its true... collecther man will be available this spring... and my male vintage expert has just begun approving some of the amazing pieces I have found.... We will have ties (as you can see) blazers, button downs and host of other great items plus accessories... We will keep you posted....

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

customer corner

The lovely Simone stopped by with a fashion week emergency... Luckily she was able to find something fabulous including this beautiful hand dyed scarf ($15)
Look! Kristy is helping and sharing!!!! Faye a first timer to collecther and long time friend of kristy actually arrived a 1/2 an hour earlier than her to scope out the spot before kristy arrived....

collecther private label

Whenever I get the opportunity to sew... I'm always excited and sad at the same time... This dress (collecther private label) wasn't even in the window a good 5 minutes before it was sold! Exciting yes! Sad because I can only make but so much. Thanks to small production this style and a few others will be the first of many in my private collection for spring.... I'll keep you posted!

Spring Tip of the Week: The Tortoise and the Cheetah

This spring please dont be afraid to rock a patterned tight with peep toe heels, especially t-strapped... herribone, animal print, fishnet, even colored opaque tights are quite cute... A combination of patterns are great fun to dress up a solid color scheme... These tortoise shell pumps with the cheetah print tights are classy, sexy, and fun....

sew her! collecther sewing workshop

At the workshop, these ladies have been working very hard to complete their projects! This kimono sleeved t-neck belongs to Jessica.... She has never sewn before in her life!
Next session starts Monday March 3rd... $65 for six sessions 7:00-8:3o at collecther 306 franklin ave.... more info will be posted this week....